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Who is LuLu?


(LuLu's younger sister)


(LuLu's baby sister)


(LuLu's big brother)



(LuLu's younger brother)


"Hello I'm LuLu, the KenKen-Guru. I'm a kangaroo and my favorite game is KenKen, so you could call me a KENguru! Did you know the Japanese word, kangaeru, means "to think"? My favorite subject in school is math, because it is so much fun, and my favorite color is red. I am the biggest sister in my family. I have four siblings; my younger brother, BuBu, is a purple kangaroo and my baby sister, TuTu, is yellow! My older bother, RuRu, is blue, and my younger sister, ZuZu, is green."

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