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A letter from Mr. Miyamoto, the creator of KENKEN!





Makesmathfun | KenKen inventor, Tetsuya Miyamoto

Dear MakesMathFun fan,


My name is Tetsuya Miyamoto, and I am the inventor of KenKen. In Japanese, "Ken" means wisdom, so my puzzles are named "KenKen" or "Wisdom Squared."


I have been privately teaching students for many years in Japan, using puzzles as my main tools.  Most of my students are accepted into the most prestigious schools in Japan as a result of learning through puzzling.  My teaching philosophy is called "The Art of Teaching Without Teaching." The goal of KenKen and my other games is not necessarily to "solve" puzzles since solving a puzzle does not make us smarter.  Rather, the goal is to learn by fully using the brain in trying to find solutions through reasoning and logic.



KenKen is based on two fundamental beliefs:


     (1) People can improve their logic and problem solving skills by themselves if given the right tools, and


     (2) It can be fun to develop these skills by solving puzzles.


After spending some time with KenKen, I am confident you will gain perseverence and have a better ability to think analytically.  You will see the evidence of your progress as you complete more difficult puzzles with greater speed.  If you conquer the puzzles on this site, you can find even more challenging puzzles of all sizes and difficulties at


Today, I am proud to watch KenKen become more and more popular.  KenKen makes math fun for children, and keeps the brain sharp for adults.  Challenge yourself, exercise your mind, and enjoy yourself at the same time.  I am so happy to watch people from all over the world embracing KenKen, and I hope you will enjoy solving KenKen puzzles -- and playing the other puzzles and games on this site -- for years to come!  Math is important...and fun!


Yours truly,

Tetsuya Miyamoto

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