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How to play BRAINIE


User your mouse to click on numbers that combine to total the given number on the right next to the boy's head. 


To get bonus points, select as many numbers as you can that still add up to the target number.  Try to select numbers of the same color to get more bonus points.  You will also get bonus points if you can clear all the tiles out of the boy's head before time runs out.  It's not easy, but it is fun!


If a tile only has a number and no math operation, you will be using addition.  Some tiles have division or multiplication signs. Make sure the tiles are in the correct order for the math operations you choose. For example, you can't start with a division or multiplication sign.

You will have to work faster and faster as each level gets harder and harder.  The game ends when you fill the boy's head with tiles.


Good luck!

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