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About Us

Welcome to, an amazing new site from the KenKen Puzzle Company that offers unique math and logic games that are not only educational, but unbelievably fun and addictive!  Try them'll see what we mean.  Just one warning...once you start playing, you may not be able to stop!


KenKen was developed in 2004, not two guys named Ken...but by acclaimed Japanese mathematics educator Tetsuya Miyamoto. His goal was to improve his students’ math and logic skills...and what better way than using a super cool puzzle? So he developed one that would be fun and challenging for anyone at any level. Most importantly, he wanted to encourage independent thinking, logic, reasoning, concentration, and perseverance. His puzzles immediately met with unbelievable success and are now played the world over, especially on MakesMathFun and (and over 160 publications worldwide).  Read his personal message here.


We realize that many educators and parents are looking for fun and challenging resources, and we guarantee there's nothing as fun or engaging or challenging, or that will build stronger required math skills, than KenKen.


MakesMathFun offers several, carefully curated math games and puzzles that will keep you engaged and learning at the same time.  Try each of the following:


The world's most fascinating and fun grid-based math and logic puzzle that uses basic math operations -- addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division -- and logic to challenge your problem solving skills.  Featured by the NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) and used in classrooms by over 30,000 teachers, KenKen is the most fun and effective math puzzle ever!  For unlimited puzzles of all sizes and difficulty levels, you can also visit

You'll have a great time with these.  We've selected dozens and dozens (and dozens) of really cool, really fun math-related brain teasers, puzzles, and riddles that will keep you entertained for hours on end. 


A tremendously addictive tile game that will teach you how numbers combine! One of the fastest growing math puzzles ever, the objective is to combine numbered tiles until one tile equals 2048. Bring your best addition, multiplication and logic skills with you and maybe, just maybe, you'll get to the 2048 tile.  Remember...once you start, you'll find it tough to stop.



Use your mouse to click on numbers that add up to your target number. You need to work faster and faster as each level gets harder and harder!


Math IS fun, and it's our job to show you how fun it can be!

So get started with KENKEN, and then try 2048, Brainie and our KENtertainment, today!

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